Information networks: graphical representations part 2

To investigate information networks,  it helps, to switch between graphical and algebraic representations of a network.

Here are given different graphical representations of a complete network of order 3.

Each representation may be better suited, to analyze a particular application. From a general abstract point of view, the informtion content is but the same.

Netzwerk Ordnung3circle

This is a representation, in which all points are arranged in a circle. For many abstract information networks this is a very good representation.

  • points are numbered in a counter clockwise manner, which is a quite common convention in mathematics, but which has no deeper meaning. Just  kind of standardization.
  • This network shows the feedback loops of all points and  all connections between them.

Just to train the brain, different other graphical representations are given of this same network. This training is important,  to remember, what kind of representations are possible, when a particular application is analyzed.

Netzwerk Ordnung3baumartig Netzwerk Ordnung3Hierarchie Netzwerk Ordnung3orthogonal Netzwerk Ordnung3radial Netzwerk Ordnung3usartig

With 3 points only, it is still not so difficulty, to understand the relations in a network, but with more than about 5 it can already get quite hard and then the algebraic representation gets more and more powerful. And therefore we have also to train  the algebraic representation, so that it is very easy for us, to draw conclusions from it.

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