Software: visual, associative database TheBrain

TheBrain is a software, with which  visual, associative databases can be created.

And therefore it is the ideal piece of software, to store all kind of informations, cross-link them or link them with documents on the PC or with websites in the internet.

I use this software for more than 10 years now.

Some features of TheBrain

It is well documented with tutorials and help files:

  • one can use the basic features after 30 minutes training and start, to create a a very useful database.
    • the advanced features can be investigated step by step. Just browse the documentation, to get an overview, what is available.
    • there are offered webinars each week
  • one can create as many databases as one wishes
    • but if it makes sense, one should put all informations into only one database, to use the full power of the associative information network, which this database will represent
  • software runs very robust, but one nevertheless should save it oftenly enough and also synchronize it with the cloud. ( only possbible with TheBrain Pro Combo version )
  • one can use the software also to prepare a mindmap, but that is not really its core application.
  • every word in the database is indexed automatically, so that one will find any facts in it.
  • the number of facts, which can be stored in the database is limited only by the computer system, which is used.
  • there are several versions available at
    • a free trial version
    • a version for personal use only,  with  fewer functions, but free of charge. This is already very powerful and I recommend, to start with it.
    • The most powerful version is TheBrain Pro Combo, which costs 299,-  US-Dollar.  It is worth the money for all, who work with a lot of informations.
      • I also find it very comfortable, that one can store the database in the cloud and synchronize it with the database on the PC.

Personal applications:

I have created several data-bases with TheBrain:

  • for business applications
  • for private purposes
  • for eBooks, for which I search informations

It would be possible, to merge them all in one database, but because there are not really needed cross links between them, I  prefer, to keep them separately.

Other applications:

  • It is  possible to create databases for team work and store them in the cloud
  • databases can also  be  added  to a website


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