Software: Microsoft Office Suite 2016

Why update to Microsoft Office Suite 2016 ?


Having updated to Windows 10, it is a good idea, also to update the Microsoft Office Suite to the Office 2016 Version, so that  an optimised workflow can be developed.

Office 2016 will be available as an Abo  in February 2016, but because it takes some time, to study the documentation and use all of the new features, it makes sense, to read at least a book about it, so that one gets a good overview.

As I already recommended in my post

update Windows 7 to Windows 10


I recommend  again an eBook from QUE, because it is part of a series of eBooks about Windows 10 and Office 2016 and therefore it has the same layout as all eBooks in that series.

Just to repeat once again the other important reasons, why I buy the eBooks of this series:

  • these eBooks will be updated free of charge
  • the eBooks are sold for about half the price of the printed versions
  • one can read these eBooks on the Kindle-Readers and on the Computer.
    • I read them at first on the Kindle, not every page, but enough, to get a first good overview
    • as soon as Office 2016 is available, I will study them in detail, reading them on a 2nd Monitor and testing all features directly on the   first Monitor

Joe Habraken

Office 2016 in Depth


This eBook explains how to work with:

  • Word
  • Excel
  • Outlook
  • Power point
  • Publisher
  • One Note

ACCESS is not included in this eBook, probably, because it  needs  much more explanations and many people do not use it.

For Excel,   Que has already published   more eBooks, which explain in much more detail some special  functions  of Excel.


How can we master  Office 2016 ?


At first use only those programs, which are used in the daily work, learn more and more functions and apply them.

Thereafter  learn the other programs.

At first I will use only:

  • Word
  • Excel
  • Power Point
  • I never used Outlook and One Note, because I prefer Whizfolders, which I use since decades.

If I  will use Publisher,  is also an open question to me, because I like Scribus;  it is well structured and is relatively easy to learn.

I never liked the former versions of Publisher, but I will study at least the chapter about it, to find out, if the 2016 version offers some features, which Scribus does not yet  have and which I would like.  If not, I will  not use it.

To master all features of Office 2016, it might help, to prepare checklists and graphical presentations, how to apply them, to solve a problem.

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