free scientific online journals

Scientific online journals

are  excellent information sources about recent research, but also about the history of science.

  • Quite a long list is given at  highwire

All  articles are available as  full text articles and many of them can be downloaded in the pdf-format.

  • On the  website of highwire  it is possible, to search in all journals, which are available on their website ( about 1700 and many books ).  But  attention must be paid, that one has to pay for some articles.

If one wants to get a first overview, then the review journals or the general journals should be used at first and thereafter the special journals.

If one already studies a special topic, then the search function is  the quickest method.

To activate the search function, click in the mid of their homepage  on  the button  Researchers and then click  in the search term below this button.



All information, which is used in ones own document, should be cited correctly.

list of  online – journals

Here is a  list of  interesting journals, but only  about mathematics, physics and biology; journals about many other topics are also available.



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