Book-Reviews: Writing a novel with Scrivener

David Hewson

Writing a Novel with Scrivener

David Hewson is a bestselling author of more than 16 novels and he uses since several years the software program Scrivener, to write his novels.

In this eBook he describes, what features of Scrivener he uses, to plan, write and publish his novels. His perspective is that of a user, not an expert  of Scrivener. He explains Scrivener for Mac users and for Windows users.

But it is a good start to read his book, before one uses the manual of Scrivener, to study more details, because he warns every writer, not to use more features for his writing workflow, than what is really needed and he focuses onto these features.

His English is easy to read.

If someone uses the German version of Scrivener, it may be good, to use English as the standard language for Scrivener, because then it is easier,  to follow, when David explains some details.

Use following sequence:

Hauptmenü –> Werkzeuge –> Optionen –> Start Optionen ( Wähle Sprache = English )

  • Scrivener must get closed and then started again, so that all menus are  in English.

A lot of other languages can  also be used. But I did not yet check, if then also  the fonts of these languages are used automatically, when writing a text. That could  be a great benefit of course. But the problem might be, that one would have to train, to use an other keyboard arrangement.

Writing a Novel with Scrivener  is available at Amazan as an eBook for the Kindle Readers.

Price: 5 euro

At present it gets edited. But for Kindle users this is no problem, because they will get the newest versions anyway.

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