Software: Writing mathematical equations with Math- Magic Editor

Math-Magic is  a  wysiwyg- editor, which is specialized, to write mathematical equations.

  • For personal use, a free  lite -version is available.
  • For commercial use the software, inclduing tax,  costs  78 euro.  ( Students get a  discount. )

Math-Type, another professional mathematical  editor-program costs 128 euro

In the wikipedia several mathematical editors are compared.

Math-Magic  has all features, which are needed, to edit mathematical equations for publication.

  • If Math-Magic is used  in Posts on a WordPress-Blog,  the equations, which are written with the Math-Magic – Editor, must at first be saved  on the harddisk in the  jpg-Format.
  • Then the file is uploaded into the Media-Library of the WordPress-Editor  and if one clicks on the corrsponding picture,  the file is incldued in the Blog-Post.



This equation is written in the Math-Magic Editor, saved on the hard disk, uploaded to the Media-Library and then included as  a  jpg-image here in the Blog-Post.

This image can be further adjusted, if one clicks onto it.  Then a menu opens and one can choose from several options.

At first it looks a bit complicated, but after  a short time it is done automatically.

The benefit is, that the mathematical equations look really great.

Microsoft Word and OpenOffice – Writer

If one writes texts in Microsoft Word, then equations can be copied from the Math-Magic Editor and  pasted directly  into Word. The eqations can be zoomed in and out, without losing  print quality.

If one uses  OpenOfficeWriter,  then this procedure does not work, because the print quality of the equations gets  very bad.

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