Best wishes for Christmas and the New Year

Towards the end of a year most of us have a bit more time to relax and just enjoy life.

Some have the habit, to decide, to change their life in the New Year, like:

  • not to smoke anymore
  • drink less alcohol
  • reduce weight
  • etc.

And they are very disappointed, if  they find out after some months, that they have not realized their goals.

Therefore the best procedure is, just to plan only the first step:

  • smoke one cigarette less per day
  • reduce the weight by  1 kg per month
  • drink no alcohol for 1 week per month

That are quite modest goals. But the important fact is, that we interrupt our routine behaviour and that will help us, to do step 2.

I wish all of you some nice Christmas Holidays and a Happy New Year.

Enjoy Life


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