Fanatism and free exhange of information

Fanatics always fear, that some information might threaten their own belief, may it be a religious or an ideological one.

We see that many times in history.

Destruction of libraries

  • christian fanatics burnt the huge library in Alexandria ( in ancient Egypt)
  • almost all documents of the Mayas and the Incas were destroyed by the Spanish occupants.
  • the dictator Hitler commanded to burn books, which he disliked and he murdered  all, who distributed papers against him. ( the brothers and sisters Scholz )
  • Mao commanded to destroy  the monasteries in Tibet with their libraries and  commanded to murder their religious leaders.

Fanatics and dictators fear, that people can develop an independent thinking and will  not just believe, what is told them.

Suppression of information nowadays:

  • Governments try to get control of the internet ( many governments )
  • journalists are murdered, but their killers are never found ( Russia )
  • policemen and judges are moved from jobs or locations to other ones ( Turkey )
  • even democratic parliaments vote, that the law courts and public media get directly controlled by the government,  which are the first steps, with which they destroy their democracy ( Poland  and Hungary )

How can we protect information ?

  • all information, which people in power consider to be potentially dangerous to them, will be suppressed, destroyed and the distributors will get hindered or murdered.

From our experience with sciences, we know, that only the free exchange of information helps to find out the truth and to avoid or correct mistakes.

That means vice verse:

All people in power, who hinder the free exchange of information, will make big mistakes, which in the end will cause the loss of their power. But until that happens, many, many  people will have to  suffer.

What can we do, to protect the global free exchange of information?

  • store important information safely at different places in the world
  • collect all information about people, who try, to hinder the free exchange of information and publish the results
  • never accept  the lies of governments
  • important information libraries should also be stored on the moon and the Mars, so that alien civilizations, which might be wiser than mankind, can understand, why this stupid mankind  made suicide.



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