How to solve problems

We face different difficulties, when we have to solve a problem:

  • some problems are diffuse and at first we have to structure them, to find out, what information we need to solve them.
  • other problems are already well structured, but a lot of needed information to solve them, is missing
  • and then there exist many problems, of which we are not yet aware.

No method exists, to solve all problems, otherwise it would be routine work to solve them, like solving a mathematical equation, for which some clever mathematician has already developed a method, how to solve it.

Even then it may be difficulty to solve the equation, but this is, because we  lack the needed training, to solve it.

It is not a problem in the sense, that we have to develop still a method, how to solve it.

Some heuristic methods have been developed, like the morphological box from Zwicky, to find potential solution ideas and structure them, so that one gets an overview, which information is  missing.

Another promising method are information networks, which are much more general than the morphological box method from Zwicky.

With them we get an overview, which facts are known, how reliable they may be and how they are connected with all other relevant facts. Investigating an information network will help, to develop several solutions for a problem, from which the optimal one can be chosen for further investigation.

A Blog, which focuses only onto problem solving is:

How to structure and solve Problems

There were not so many posts in 2015 on it, but I agreed with the blog owner, that we corporate in the future:

  • A short abstract will be given on this blog
  • more detailed information about problem solving will be given  on his blog.

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